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The Forest, installation for projection in four channels with four video projectors, four DVD players, wooden wedges, power strips and extension cords, digital videos in a loop of 41'53'', 2015 .

This installation seeks to exploit the camera movement of zooming, an extremely connotated manoeuvre in the vocabulary of visual narrative.

A battery comprised of four video projectors stacked on four DVD players diffuses clips of a few minutes each, alternatingly. In each shot, a zoom-in or a zoom-out dramatizes a detail in the arboreal landscape without revealing anything of importance.

The stack of machines takes shape in the exhibition space: a pile of stones or a cairn, breathing with moters. The subject of the piece, finally, is not the forest itself but that which for us serves as a visualizing tool for nature. This constructed image of nature is perhaps that which distracts from its indifferent neutrality.